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Hi, I'm Andrea Urquhart: Business startup and growth mentor for integrative therapists, trainers and specialist coaches!

If you're looking to learn how to grow your heart-centred business, you've come to the right place! I offer UK based online coaching and mentoring to enable you to establish a profitable niche consultancy and shape your success as an expert in your field.

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

Are you ready to position yourself as an expert and grow your profitable niche?

Did you know that doesn’t have to be done in a dry and stuffy way?!Creating your own brand and learning to market yourself can actually be fun! It can also grow your confidence.

When I started out as a coach, launching my own consultancy, I wanted personal advice. Large online groups and events could only help me get so far. I needed to actually talk through my ideas, strategy and decisions with someone else who wasn’t a friend or colleague.

I had a couple of false starts finding a mentor – and that included being fuzzy about the role of a mentor. There’s a difference between business coaching, business mentoring and business consultancy!

Primarily though, as a business mentor, I’m here to empower you. A confidante, a champion, an ally and an unbiased sounding board to help you grow the business you dream of. I listen, I give advice but most of all I help you to STRATEGISE and REVIEW your progress. You IMPLEMENT the strategy and we work together on keeping you ACCOUNTABLE to the choices you’ve made when we’ve created your strategy.



Andrea Urquhart

I also facilitate your personal and business growth so that you can build your business and create the lifestyle you desire. This includes tips, training and workshop style sessions too.

Growing a business requires grit, a huge dose of grace and  strategies that align with your purpose, values and vision.

Business mentoring is not currently regulated in the UK. But rest assured, I’m a full member of the Association of Business Mentors. One of my values is ensuring that access to professional mentoring is affordable for new and growing business owners.

Growing your confidence and business mindset along with keeping your wellbeing a priority is all part of developing your business and foundational to my mentoring along with the business skills and thinking you need to develop to found, grow and develop a specialist consultancy.

Take a look around, book onto an event, 1:1 session or a Discovery Call to start your mentoring journey with me today.

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Please note that both programmes will be increasing substantially in price from February 2023 to better reflect the value and length of these programmes.

The next cohorts are January to June 2023.

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This intensive Kickstarter package is for you if you are still founding your consultancy and in the early stages of creating a viable business. Kickstart Your Consultancy or  move your business to the next level with 12 weekly calls over 3 months:

Pay in 3 instalments or in full:


Weekly 90minute 1:1 call and support between calls. You’ll need to be ready to take action between calls to build momentum in your business. 

If this is out of your budget, why not consider my small group programme?: Kickstart Your Consultancy is currently £750 for the January 2023 cohort with a 6month commitment. I know! Incredible value! That’s why cohorts starting from February 2023 onwards will be making an investment of 1.5K. Consider this a group mentorship as well as a programme. New group starting January 2023.


An image advertising Business Strategy Success combination of two sessions each two hours long for coaches and therapists to create their unique business strategy for the medium and long term

More About Business Success Strategy Sessions:

Want to blitz your vision, action plan and strategy or review your marketing and media all in one intensive session? Maybe you are planning a new project or course and want to deep dive into your plan, content and strategy?

My Strategy Sessions are 4 hours online 1:1 together with me, taken as 2 sessions, each of 2 hours. This is because we will work intensively on really looking at where your business is at and what you want to achieve in the first session. There’ll be some questions and ideas for you to process and consider between sessions. Then we meet a week later for the 2nd session to clarify your goals, strategy and how you will implement this day to day. The cost is just £500. They include pre-session questionnaires, either a half day or a 2hr plus 1hr session a week apart, and a post-session summary plan emailed to you within 5 working days of completing the strategy session. You can book a Discovery Call first  so that we both know in advance what you want to achieve or you can book your session now via this link. Then we can get straight on with making the most of your time with me!

Once you have your strategy, stay accountable to your vision, activity goals and development by joining my MOMENTUM! Mastermind, Kickstart Your Consultancy programme or commit to weekly, 30minute 1:1 sessions with me for £250 for 4 sessions each month.

Full member of the Association of Business Mentors

Online Business Mentoring from Startup to Establishing Your Expert Status

My mentoring and products are designed to give you the foundations you need to consistently win clients and build momentum in your business.

Developing your expert status and your expert offer are crucial in today’s bustling coaching and consultancy market. The reality is that most consultants start off with trying to sell too many services and eventually realise either what they really want to specialise in or that specialising is the best way to actually build a client list and grow your consultancy.

So ask yourself these 3 questions:

What do you want to be known for?

Who do you want to specialise in helping?

What work/life balance are you aiming for?

What Andrea’s clients say:

My clients include award winning experts and specialist coaches.

Being an expert is one thing, learning how to communicate and share that expertise in products, content and marketing is something else altogether! I empower my clients to share their mission and expertise with clarity and simplicity with their target clients.

Most exciting of all, my programme empowers my clients to win their own clients. Are you ready to get to work on your business and start consistently signing up coaching clients?


Just 2 weeks into the 12-week Business Builder programme, I’ve got more clarity on what I actually need to do to get my business going than I’ve gained in 6 months of trying to learn without a coach.

Karen Felton

Leadership Coach

What is workng with Andrea like?

Fabulous! From a personal perspective, you build connections well, are empathetic and engaging and I feel I can trust you to understand me and my business aims.

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From a business perspective, you are very credible. Already you are prompting me to think in a more business-focused way and I am gaining insight from our weekly group coaching calls

A great mix of encouragement and guidance plus personal accountability.

A photo of Andrea Urquhart, a female with curly hair and smiling

I’m here to support YOU as you build your business. 


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With 30years experience teaching, training and mentoring, Andrea draws on her skills as a trained teacher and Positive Psychology Coach to support you with getting clear on your content, your marketing messages, your confidence and business strategy. 

Her post-graduate qualifications in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, not only give her the skills to coach you to success, but also to support you in defending your work/life balance and wellbeing as an entrepreneur.  

She’ll help you learn how to plan your time effectively, build the client list and community you dream of and to collaborate with others through networking. Andrea also has a great network of specialists she can refer you to and who share guest trainings in The Specialist Studio.     

Best of all, she listens to you and loves to help specialists like you find their unique strategy for building thriving businesses and communities.




Payment is always in advance. Group programmes may be paid for in 3 instalments. Commitment is to the duration of the programme and no refunds are given.

Place on programmes and courses are only reserved once initial payment is made.

Access to any Facebook or other Specialist Studio social media group is solely via ongoing programmes and subscriptions.

At all times you are responsible for your own business decisions and actions and must ensure relevant insurances, supervision and legal structures are in place for your business.Except for products which clearly state they can be booked now, access to programmes, membership and medium or long-term coaching is via an application or Discovery Call. If no Discovery Calls are available when you can meet, please email hello@thespecialiststudio to arrange a call.

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“We change our lives one quiet choice at a time, one determined action at a time; growing into our dreams and creating the spaces, relationships and businesses we dream of.”

Andrea Urquhart

 You CAN build a successful coaching & consultancy business.

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Full member of the Association of Business Mentors