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Andrea Urquhart

My Story

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to find out more about me. I know your time is valuable.

Firstly, I’m all about building relationships with my clients and partnering with them on their business growth journey. I’m proactive and nurturing, and believe that growing our businesses alongside others who are on fire to build their dream inspires and spurs us on towards success. That’s why I love to work with individuals and small groups, creating an encouraging, nurturing community for female integrative therapists and coaches.

For me, business building is bespoke – despite a crowded and noisy online market place in therapy, coaching and training, I believe that no two businesses are the same. I also believe that you can build a profitable niche for yourself. One that works for you and your priorities, and serves your clients deeply and successfully from your status as an expert. It’s going to take consistency, effort and stamina – despite what many adverts will tell you. Thankfully, I’m here to walk with you as you grow your business.

Each of us has our own unique talents and gifts – potential waiting to be unleashed. That’s the point when women reach out to me, when they know they have a dream, expertise and potential inside them bursting to be developed and they simply don’t know how to practically establish and market themselves and their business.

That’s what I do best: Mentor women to grow into their dreams and build the vision they have in their heart and mind into reality. And if the vision is there and the blueprint is hazy, I’ll partner with you to create your unique strategy to establish and light up your business.

In my 50s now, I have over 30years experience of teaching, training, mentoring and coaching with people from all walks of life and have lived in different nations. I’m qualified at post-graduate level in education, applied positive psychology and coaching psychology. I’m also an emotion coaching practitioner trainer and a member of the EMCC.

My top strengths include creativity, perspective, fairness and enabling others, which I put to daily use supporting my clients and developing programmes that enable them to develop the confidence, clarity and strategy that will help them grow their unique business. I see the bigger picture and the strategic details. And I also see possibilities – that’s my creative strength that shines through, opening up new possibilities, developing practical strategies and unleashing the strengths and potential in each of my clients.

I value relationship, respect, willingness to learn and the courage to take action – even if that action results in lessons learned. My journey to business mentoring came via my own experiences of both productive and misguided business coaching when I stepped out to launch my coaching business. Along the way, working on different projects and supporting colleagues with marketing and startup advice, re-niching as a business mentor became a natural development for me. I learned about organic marketing and business building, and began to help others make money in their businesses.

Business mentoring was never something I originally aspired to, but now I’m here, it’s so fulfilling for me personally. 

As a professional, being accepted as a full member of the Association of Business Mentors was a validating step for me and offers assurance to my clients.

Now, I get to work with inspiring, highly qualified women like yourself who have a longing deep inside to make a difference but wonder practically how to establish, develop and grow their business. And it’s an exciting journey as my clients grow in confidence, gain clients and contracts and grow their business.  

I’m based in the U.K. and work online with clients. A lover of learning, dog walking, bread baking and family life, I build my work around priorities as a carer, a mum and my own health and wellbeing. 

Transitioning to creating the business and lifestyle I want has taken years. I was spurred on experiencing burnout as a teacher and single mum trying to do it all, when I was advised by doctors to leave a profession I loved. More recently, I’ve overcome cancer and fully appreciate being able to build my own business on my terms. You’ll have your own story too of why you want to create the business you’re dreaming of and how you need it to fit into your life.

There’s so much I wish I’d learned sooner, but today, I have the joy of saving my clients from some of the pitfalls I experienced and giving them practical strategies and accountability to empower them to build their business, impact lives and build their legacy. 

If you’re thinking of working with me, the best thing to do is to book a call. Let’s get to know each other. My clients are not a number or a pay check to me, they are capable women with a dream that needs nurturing. And me? I’m a born enabler who loves the journey of growing dreams into reality.  


Andrea Urquhart

PGCE|PGDip Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology|Emotion Coaching Practitioner Trainer

Full member of the Association of Business Mentors

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